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I was born on Earth during the second half of the twentieth century.

Untitled (San Lorenzo, New Mexico)

Untitled (San Lorenzo, New Mexico)
A metaphor for the conflict between rationality and emotion; betweeen Apollo and Dionysus; between the empirical and the supernatural; between stasis and revolution...

our motto and mission is to

tickle the idiot
rapture the faithful
pity all the ignorant and hateful

illuminate the enlightened
confound the intellectual
with life distilled flood memory's temple

September 8, 2017

Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem, August 2017

This image is the result of a double-exposure which was duplicated, reversed, and placed next to the original double-exposure. The image was then "flattened" in Photoshop, creating a new "original". When I made the initial image(s) during my visit to the Church, I was irritated because I could not photographically capture the entire dome within a single image; the space is simply too confining. I realized at the time of the initial image-recording that I would eventually have to somehow digitally create a rendering which would better describe the experience of being in this amazing place. While this final image does not absolutely accurately depict the architecture as it exists to the average tourist or pilgrim, it does reflect the feeling of awe and wonder I felt while standing under the ancient oculus.


margotbianca said...

I love this image, Michael.

Michael Doubrava said...

well Bianca I have always thought you had exquisite artistic insight, talent, and taste, so your stamp of approval is validating. Thanks for responding.

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